do not fade…

No longer does soft and gentle exist solely in the realm of feminine. No longer does force and strength remain the property of masculine. When crossing the perceived traditional boundaries are we not doing what we have done for centuries past? Is this change of direction just an illusion or have we just learned to turn a blind eye to the pictures we paint upon ourselves generation after generation? In this show of power or force of softness, do we lose the very originality of our own individual identities or are we indeed something much more magnificent and enduring? Should we preserve the ambiguity that lies within each one of us? Are the labels of gender now meaningless and in their moribund state, become no more than titles to acts in a play or movie in which we choose to adopt the leading role? What is the original self and in that original state, what needs to be preserved to remain authentic or is the point of genesis an exit door, leading to the loss of the immortal pre-knowledge human prototype and its traditional definitions?

© Predrag Pajdic, 2012
Do Not Fade, Do Not Wither, Do Not Grow Old
[Virginia Woolf, Orlando, 1928]
With Nicola Canavan